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Summer Re-cap

Man, where did summer go? Did anybody else experience the swiftness of summer this year?? I know that seems like a cliche thing to say because the end of summer is lamented by so many people, but honestly I am typically NOT one of those people. This summer sorta threw me through a loop though and I've caught myself clinging to it with tight fists. 

Now normally come the end of July I am more than fine with skipping the whole August/September gig and jumping right into October, but there was something about this summer that didn't quite have me chomping at the bit.

When I sit down to think about it I've realized that this has a lot to do with my kids growing up. I've noticed we've recently found ourselves in some uncharted territory in a way that is really exciting and hopeful. For the first time as a family we were actually able to get out and fully embrace summer and it not be a completely draining experience.

When you have kids, doing things, going places, getting out into the world and trying to have a life is no small task. The act of leaving your home takes a lot of planning and effort. Now I know if you were to look on Instagram you would have a hard time finding evidence of this because people make it look so easy inside that frame! But believe me... it's true. There have been so many times I've had grand plans for the day and the minute my kids are up and at it with the crankiness I immediately decide that leaving the house would be a bad idea. Now, I know that some of you reading this who have kids will know where I'm coming from and some of you who don't will think I'm an awful parent, but you just come talk to me when you have a newborn. lol.

I'm sure a lot of you parents out there have some good public humiliation stories. The simple act of walking through target with my toddler has brought me to tears on multiple occasions. Why do toddler's not like to sit in shopping carts? Why do toddlers like to throw slushies at their parents in public? Why do toddlers run up escalators at the mall while their helpless parent is stuck at the bottom pushing a stroller with a new born? Feel free to send me your public humiliation stories! 

Oh, and let's not forget about all the gear that comes with small children. Diaper bags, carseats, strollers, pack n plays, snacks, travel highchairs, bottles, water bottles, etc. The act of typing that out just made my blood pressure spike. I am proud to say that this was the first summer in 6 years that we didn't haul a stroller around or travel with a pack n play or have to carry a carseat. What is this new life???

So yea, back to this new territory. Simon will be 6 on Halloween and Leo will be 3 in January and they've all of the sudden reached a point where both are pretty much (to some extent) self sufficient. I am not saying they are easy because if you know them then you know that's not true, but they have become impressively independent.

 For example: I was able to go to the water park, sit on the side of the pool and just watch them slide down waterslides all day. That would have NEVER HAPPENED before this summer. Simon can actually walk up to the concession stand at the pool and order for himself, both kids can swim independently, they can both walk beside me, Leo completely potty trained himself, we can stay out all day and not worry about racing home for naps or plan around a nursing schedule. There has been so much FREEDOM experienced in this season and I'm not mad about it!

So anyways, I'm not at all saying we don't have our days where we just need to do the world a favor and stay home because we definitely do. We've entered the dramatic stage of a 6 year old, the bossy stage of a 3 year old, and all the bickering that comes with 2 boys who are still learning their emotions. But for the majority of our summer we were honestly able to enjoy it to our fullest extent and feel the freedom that comes with the healthy stages of kids growing and maturing. 


So here's a little re-cap of our summer! 



We did our first road trip to Florida this summer and stopped at this cute little Ice cream shop. 


We did our annual Anna Maria Island beach vacation. We didn't take a stroller or a pack n play! WHAT??


See this kid with his floaties on? I got to sit here everyday and WATCH him swim and play. 


Here's another one from Florida. Leo decided that the final night of vacation would be a good time to take his very first step into the ocean... fully clothed. 


This was our annual 4th of July family get together at our home. This has become such a fun tradition! We love America!


Say what you want but there is no better babysitter than the kiddie pool in our backyard. Winter is hard because I actually have to parent.


As you can tell we spent a lot of time near bodies of water....


And of course a few trips out to the farm....


If you follow me on Instagram than you got to see a lot more of what my summer looked like. This was just a small taste as to not bore you with a million photos. 

Now that it's almost October I'm actually ready for the holiday season. I did in fact just decorate my home for halloween so that's a good indication that I'm team holidays now. Bring on all the pumpkins, trick or treating, Thanksgiving food, and Christmas trees because I'm all in now!